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Many of us want to travel to see the world’s remarkable beauty – the towering majesty of the Rockies, the beauty of a tropical shoreline or the wildlife in an African landscape. However, the same travel that allows us to enjoy these destinations is often problematic for them. Carbon emissions from planes and cars, the waste generated by tourists and the over-usage of some remote places is challenging for the very places we want to enjoy.

More and more, travelers confronted with these realities are choosing more ecological ways to explore. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a train or bus instead of flying or driving. Or, if renting a car is unavoidable, consider a hybrid or electric one. Perhaps it’s a bicycle or hiking vacation instead of one by motorcoach that interests you. Even these small changes can be impactful.

If you are a cruiser, you might want to consider doing research to determine which cruise lines are practicing good environmental habits. They are not all created equal and digging into a bit of online information can help you make a more informed choice.

Another easy way to lighten your impact is to avoid single use plastics and instead bring reusable waterbottles and forgo the plastic straws. Consider borrowing, instead of buying, a new set of luggage or the jacket and shoes you will need for this one vacation and never use again.

Finally – consider making a meaningful contribution to the destination you visit and try and leave it in a better place than it was before. This can be as simple as a beach or park clean up or as involved as meeting with a non profit in the area. Often, a visit to a local school with badly needed donations, is a great way for a multi-generational family to give back to a community they visit. Check out the organization PACK FOR A PURPOSE for ideas of donations in different vacation destinations.

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